Biomolecular Engineering: Pioneering Precision Therapies for Gene Regulation and Drug Delivery

Course Content


  • Definition and significance of biomolecular engineering in healthcare and medicine
  • Overview of the ebook’s content
  • Evolution of biomolecular engineering

Chapter 1: Fundamentals of Biomolecular Engineering

Chapter 2: Biomolecular Condensates: An Intriguing Phenomenon

Chapter 3: Designer Biomolecular Condensates

Chapter 4: Precision Gene Regulation through Engineered Condensates

Chapter 5: Precision Drug Delivery using Biomolecular Condensates

Chapter 6: Challenges and Future Directions in Biomolecular Engineering

Chapter 7: Integrating Biomolecular Engineering with Emerging Technologies

Chapter 8: Biomolecular Engineering in Precision Medicine

Chapter 9: Bioinformatics and Computational Biology in Biomolecular Engineering

Chapter 10: Theranostics: Merging Therapy and Diagnostics

Chapter 11: Diagnostic Tools in Biomolecular Engineering

Chapter 12: Nanomedicine: Targeted Drug Delivery at the Nanoscale

Chapter 13: Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

Chapter 14: Gene Editing Technologies: CRISPR and Beyond

Chapter 15: Future Prospects and Challenges in Biomolecular Engineering