Harnessing Quantum Randomness: Exploring Quantum Random Number Generator Technologies

Course Content


A. The Significance of Randomness

B. Quantum Randomness and its Potential

Chapter 1: Fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics

A. Quantum Mechanics Primer

B. Quantum States and Measurements

Chapter 2: Types of Quantum Random Number Generators

A. Photonic QRNGs

B. Atomic QRNGs

C. Quantum Noise-based QRNGs

Chapter 3: Applications of Quantum Randomness

A. Quantum Cryptography

B. Simulation and Modeling

C. Gaming and Gambling

Chapter 4: Challenges and Future Directions

A. Technological Challenges

B. Quantum Randomness in a Quantum Computing Era

Chapter 5: Quantum Randomness and Beyond

A. Quantum Randomness in Cryptography

B. Quantum Randomness in Machine Learning and AI