Mastering Closed-Loop Control Systems: Simulation, Analysis, and Design of Electrohydraulic, Electromechanical, Hydromechanical, and Electro-Pneumatic Components and Systems

Course Content


  • Importance of closed-loop control systems
  • Overview of the ebook’s focus on simulation, analysis, and design
  • Relevance and applications in various industries

Fundamentals of Closed-Loop Control Systems

Simulation and Modeling of Control Systems

Analysis of Closed-Loop Control Systems

Electrohydraulic Control Systems

Electromechanical Control Systems

Hydromechanical Control Systems

Electro-Pneumatic Control Systems

Digital Control Systems: Z-Transform Analysis and Design

Z-Transform Analysis of Discrete-Time Control Systems

Design of Digital Control Systems

Implementation and Hardware Considerations

Simulation and Software Tools for Digital Control Systems

Case Studies in Digital Control Design

Practical Implementation Examples

Advanced Topics in Digital Control