Mechanical Metamaterials: From Fundamentals to Futuristic Applications

Course Content

Chapter 1: Introduction to Mechanical Metamaterials

  • What are metamaterials?
  • Historical evolution of metamaterials in engineering
  • Key properties and advantages of mechanical metamaterials
  • Classification of mechanical metamaterials based on structures and properties

Chapter 2: Designing Mechanical Metamaterials: Principles and Methodologies

Chapter 3: Mechanics and Mathematics of Metamaterials

Chapter 4: Acoustic and Vibrational Metamaterials

Chapter 5: Seismic and Impact-Resistant Metamaterials

Chapter 6: Nanotechnology and Miniaturization in Metamaterials

Chapter 7: Additive Manufacturing and Fabrication Techniques

Chapter 8: Artificial Intelligence and Computational Design

Chapter 9: Artistry in Metamaterial Design

Chapter 10: Military Applications of Mechanical Metamaterials

Chapter 11: Future Horizons and Emerging Applications

Chapter 12: Metamaterials in Everyday Life

Chapter 13: Journey Through Metamaterial Innovation

Conclusion: Unraveling the Metamaterial Tapestry