Navigating the Skies: A Guide for Technical Project Managers in Aerospace Embedded Systems

What Will You Learn?

  • This technical guide equips Technical Project Managers with the necessary knowledge and insights to navigate the complexities of embedded software development in the aerospace industry. It covers topics such as regulatory compliance, system requirements, software development lifecycle, safety-critical considerations, project management best practices, collaboration, integration and testing, performance optimization, quality assurance, post-deployment support, and emerging technologies.

Course Content

Introduction to Aerospace Embedded Systems

  • Overview of the aerospace industry and its challenges
  • Role of Technical Project Managers in aerospace embedded systems
  • Understanding the technical intricacies of aerospace embedded systems

Fundamentals of Embedded Software in Aerospace

DO-178: Ensuring Safety and Compliance

Understanding the DO-178 Standard

Phases of DO-178 Certification

Best Practices for DO-178 Compliance

Managing DAL A Safety of Flight Software

FAA Certification of Avionics Software

Overview of FAA Certification Processes

TC (Type Certificate) and STC (Supplemental Type Certificate)

System Requirements and Architecture Design

Software Development Lifecycle in Aerospace

Safety-Critical Considerations in Avionics Software

Project Management Best Practices for Aerospace Embedded Systems

Collaboration and Communication in Multidisciplinary Teams

Integration, Verification, and Validation in Aerospace Projects

Performance Optimization and Quality Assurance in Aerospace Systems

Post-Deployment Support and Maintenance in Aerospace Systems

Emerging Technologies and Future Trends in Aerospace Embedded Systems