Photonic Computing and AI: Accelerating Intelligence through Light

Course Content


  • The convergence of AI and photonic computing
  • Promise of speed and efficiency through photonic chips
  • Overview of ebook content

Chapter 1: The Power of Photonic Chips

Chapter 2: The Foundations of Artificial Intelligence

Chapter 3: From Transistors to Photons: Transforming AI Processing

Chapter 4: Neuromorphic Photonics: Emulating the Brain’s Efficiency

Chapter 5: Advancing Deep Learning with Photonic Chips

Chapter 6: Breakthroughs in Photonic Computing for AI

Chapter 7: Overcoming Challenges and Future Prospects

Chapter 8: Industries Transformed by Photonic AI

Chapter 9: Bridging the Gap: From Research to Real-World Impact

Conclusion: A New Era of Intelligence

Appendix: Further Reading and Resources