Revealing the Cosmos: A Journey through X-ray Astronomy with Satellites

Course Content

Introduction to X-ray Astronomy

  • Understanding the electromagnetic spectrum
  • Why X-rays are crucial for astronomy
  • The history and evolution of X-ray astronomy

The Quest for X-ray Vision: How X-ray Telescopes Work

Probing the Extreme: X-ray Binaries and Compact Objects

Dancing with the Stars: Supernovae and Remnants

A Galaxy of X-rays: AGNs and Galaxy Clusters

X-rays Beyond: Exoplanets and Young Stellar Systems

The Big Picture: X-ray Astronomy and Cosmology

Extraordinary Eyes: Notable X-ray Astronomical Satellites

Behind the Scenes: Data Analysis in X-ray Astronomy

Frontiers of Exploration: Future Prospects for X-ray Astronomy

Defense Applications of X-ray Astronomy